Firmware Update 1.18 Anytone D878UV

Hier gibt es das neue Firmware Update 1.18 Anytone D878UV.

1. Improve the send message issue when both roaming and GPS are on.
2. Add the notification in the help section for Group Call hold time setting and Private Call hold time setting in
3. Add “CTCSS/DCS Scan” in key function. Assign a key with “CTCSS/DCS Scan” function, press the key to
turn on the function. This function is only valid for the analog channel with CTCSS/DCS setting.
With this function ON, when an analog channel with CTCSS setting receive a signal with unmatched CTCSS,
the radio will start the CTCSS scan from the data base, once the CTCSS data matches to the received
CTCSS, the audio will come out, press PTT to reply the call and save the data, or just press MENU key to
save the data, press the EXIT key to exit.
Note: When the channel set with CTCSS, it will scan the CTCSS data base. When the channel set with DCS,
it will scan the DCS data base. When the channel doesn’t set CTCSS/DCS, the radio will not start
4. Change the Digi APRS RX display to callsign instead of channel name display.
5. Resolve the issue that radio stuck or reboot when both roaming and GPS are on.
6. Allows max TG number 16777215
7. Add the“channel name/frequency display switch” to the key function.
8. Add STE operations to the radio menu.
9. Improve the issue that sometimes radio transmit to wrong TG.

73 Michi OE8VIK